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How Flex Plans Work

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Use this easy calculator to see how much money you will save.
Simply fill in the estimated amount on the items you wish to save for.

Healthcare Expenses (estimated)     Healthcare (cont.)  
Co-pays to doctors & pharmacies   Oxygen, insulin, syringes & supplies
Over-the-counter drugs (except vitamins)   Hearing aids, batteries & exams
Prescription drugs   Artificial limbs & braces
Office visits & checkups   Arches & orthopedic shoes
Prescribed sunglasses & eyeglasses   Walkers, canes & wheelchairs
Contact lenses, solutions & supplies   Physical & speech therapy
Eye exams, surgery & LASIK   Weight loss program (prescribed by doctor)
Dental cleanings, fillings & x-rays   Quit-smoking program & medications
Sealants, crowns, bridges & dentures   Alcoholism & drug treatment
Braces, spacers, & retainers   Medical Alert bracelet & fees
Wisdom teeth, implants & oral surgery   Reconstructive surgery (birth defect, disease)
Psychologist & psychiatrist fees   Wigs for hair loss caused by disease
Obstetrics & fertility   Special school for disabled child
Lab tests & body scans   Travel & mileage to doctor or hospital
Chiropractor & podiatrist fees      
Dependent Care Expenses (estimated)      
Nanny & babysitter thru age 12      
Pre-K or nursery school      
Before & after-school care thru age 12      
Day camp thru age 12      
Daycare for a disabled adult or child      
Elder daycare for parent or dependent    
Healthcare Expenses
Dependent Expenses
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