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Health Choices provides you with a range of medical management choices through our local Health Care Services staff of registered nurses who operate under the direction of a Chief Medical Officer. You can customize how much or little Health Care Services are applied to your employees and their dependents. The goal of the local Health Care Services staff is to provide access to quality health care that is convenient to the patient yet cost effective. They also provide the coordination of care necessary between the patient, physician, hospital, home health agency, and other care alternatives.

  • Pre-Admission Authorization
    Processing notifications of upcoming hospital stays or emergency admission to review medical necessity.
  • Concurrent Review
    All cases are followed by Health Care Services on a concurrent review basis to monitor patient care and length of stay. Nurses visit Dubuque hospitals daily and monitor others by phone.
  • Discharge Planning
    This process assists with feasible options for continued care and treatment of the patient after hospitalization.
  • Individual Case Management
    Health Choices performs ongoing review of available treatment options while working with physicians and other providers. The ultimate goal is to provide quality care as cost effectively as possible.
  • Access to an organ transplant network
    Offers substantial savings on claims.
  • Tertiary Network
    Health Choices has access to Medical Associates Health Plans preferred tertiary provider network. This affords your plan with more buying power when your employees require care needed at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, Iowa City, or the University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics, Madison. You get the cost savings of the Health Plan contract terms.